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Imposter Tricks

Fun Facts

Fake tasks properly!

The first step in becoming an S-Tier Impostor, is by faking tasks. Only Crewmates can complete tasks, so faking one when other players are near can give you an alibi. To fake a task, stand still in the task spot and wait a bit. Try to leave just after the task bar in the upper left corner fills up, to prove that you really did it. Note that many players will be doing tasks in early game, so you will have many chances to fake them perfectly.

How To be Pro

Kill immune players immediately

Not being able to fake certain visual tasks means that when a Crewmate completes these visual task in front of others, they are 100% in the clear. If you're the Impostor then the choice is between you and them: if they accuse you, you will lose the game. In other words, you must kill immune players as soon as possible. It is important to kill immune players quickly. Don’t take your time and kill other Crewmates first, because that will only increase your chances of becoming the prime suspect. But don’t be reckless either: if you’re up against experienced Crewmates, they may be shadowing the immune player to see if the Impostor reveals himself. Use sabotage to isolate the immune player.

Talk, vote and accuse as if you were a Crewmate. Be as honest as possible about your own whereabouts, and don’t be too aggressive. If you start yelling “it’s blue!” without a good reason, others will look at you with suspicion. Even if your early game aggression leads to another players eviction, you will have drawn attention to yourself and likely be next to go. Furthermore, Crewmates are less inclined to suspect you if they think you’re a bit of a noob. An occasional “who should I vote for?” or “I don’t know the name of the room” are subtle ways to help you achieve this. But do not exaggerate; players who continuously emphasize that this is “my first time playing, please don’t kill me” are bound to get voted out.

You want to stir the conversation in the right direction, so don’t wait for things to go wrong. After a murder, you might want to casually ask another player where he came from, or what tasks he did. Crewmates cast accusations all the time, so joining in is not necessarily suspicious. If you do so early on, Crewmates may pick up on your accusation and start suspecting your victim.

Naturally, you want the crew members to eject as many of their own as possible. But in early game especially, your priority is to build up your own credibility. Covering for another player may therefore be a wise move. A phrase like “I think I saw pink complete a task, he is clear” will make you look trustworthy. With any luck, the player you covered for will remember that and be less inclined to vote you out later in the game. Additionally, it can be wise to save an innocent player from elimination. If you create a tie between two Crewmates, the next round is still all about them. The Crewmates are wasting Meetings while you remain in the clear.

When at least four players are standing on the same spot and one of them gets stabbed to death, it is very hard to determine who the killer was. You, as an Impostor, should make use of that. So how do you get enough players in one place? As the numbers dwindle, it will be more and more difficult to find such a crowded area. But in early game you can, for example, sabotage the reactor. With some luck, many players will gather in the same spot to fix it. Pretend to be running to fix the reactor alongside them, wait a few seconds while everyone gets started, and then strike. Don’t forget to act surprised!